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Distance : 30 km


On a balmy sunny afternoon in Marrakech, why not escape to the Agafay desert for a unique experience?  After a day of discovering the magnificent medina and its hidden treasures, set off on an adventure to this sumptuous desert located a few kilometers from the city.

 In the early evening, board a comfortable vehicle will take you through picturesque desert landscapes. The dunes emerging on the horizon create a feeling of serenity and help you detach yourself from the urban tumult.  Once you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed into a traditional Bedouin camp nestled in the heart of the Agafay will be time to prepare for an unforgettable experience: a camel ride.  These majestic creatures will take you through the golden dunes, while the sun sets below the horizon, creating a breathtaking color palette.  The soothing rhythm of the camels' footsteps and the surrounding silence will allow you to recharge your batteries in this breathtaking nature.

 In this enchanting setting, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a sumptuous dinner, prepared with care and delicacy by talented cooks. The friendly and intimate atmosphere of the camp will make this meal even more memorable. You can enjoy typical Moroccan cuisine, with its exotic spices and delicious preparations based on fresh vegetables and succulent meats.

 After this enchanted getaway, it will unfortunately be time to return to Marrakech, our heads filled with unforgettable memories.  However, the stars twinkling in the night sky of the Agafay Desert and the unique atmosphere of this afternoon will stay with you forever.


- GROUP tour
- Ride Camel
- Dinner