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Departure  at 9h00am - return 17 h00 pm

The excursion to the Ourika Valley from Marrakech is an experience not to be missed during your stay in Morocco.  This picturesque valley is located just an hour's drive from the Red City and offers a perfect getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

 As soon as you leave Marrakech, the landscape changes quickly.  The towering Atlas Mountains rise before you, providing a spectacular backdrop throughout the journey.  Along the way, you will pass through charming Berber villages, where you can experience the traditional way of life of the local inhabitants.

 Once you arrive in the Ourika Valley, you will immediately be seduced by its natural beauty.  The Ourika River winds through the valley, creating magnificent waterfalls.  You can enjoy a relaxing walk along the river, admiring the picturesque landscapes and listening to the gentle sound of flowing water.

 Traveling to the Ourika Valley is also a great opportunity to experience Berber culture.  You will be able to visit a traditional village and meet friendly locals who will show you their local crafts, such as the making of Berber carpets and pottery.  You will also have the opportunity to taste authentic Moroccan dishes, prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

 For hiking enthusiasts, the Ourika Valley offers numerous opportunities for exploration.  You can choose to take an easy hike along the mountain trails, where you will be rewarded with incredible panoramic views.  

 Whether you are looking for relaxation, cultural discovery or sporting activities, the excursion to the Ourika Valley from Marrakech has something to offer everyone.  So, take some time to escape the bustling city and discover the natural beauty and cultural richness of this magnificent valley.

Departure  at 9h00am - return 17 h00 pm


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